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We don’t believe in isolation. We can’t isolate our muscles from one another, or our bodies from their environment. SURFSET Fitness is a full body approach inspired by one of the world’s most athletic sports, and the benefits are not limited to one field of fitness. We draw from the real movements of surfing to create workouts that build balance, core strength, stability, agility, aerobic conditioning, power, lean muscle & coordination. 


SURFSET Fitness classes are structured for optimal fat burn, muscle build & improved balance. 45 minutes of surf-inspired movements structured in intervals to push past plateaus. Imagine combining the cardio benefits of Spinning with the muscle benefits of TRX training & the core benefits of working out on a Bosu ball.

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There are 4 Signature SURFSET Fitness Programs to deliver maximum results for all fitness levels.


SURFSET® Balance, Burn, Build & Blend are each structured in custom intervals to shock our body systems and create real change. Whether you're interested in improving stability & body control, burning fat, building lean muscle or achieving total body fitness, there is a SURFSET® program for you.

Balance is yoga-inspired

Burn is high-intensity, high-tempo

Build is focused on strength & definiton

Blend is our interval-based core session that combines it all

Improve Core Strength and Balance

Everything stems from the core. SURFSET Fitness will turn your abs into a six-pack powerhouse through instability training that requires focus & control. Balance is a integral aspect of a SURFSET workout; there’s really no better way to train those stabilizing muscles than atop a wobbly surf board!

Burn Fat and Improve Cardiovascular Health

Intervals of high-intensity aerobic training on the board will build your endurance & torch body fat. We believe that short bursts of high energy are the most effective way to change the shape of your body without causing overuse injuries or allowing your system to adapt and plateau.

Build and Tone Lean Muscle

Surfers are the perfect picture of long & lean. SURFSET Fitness promotes compound & functional movements that challenge all the tiny little stabilizers in your body along with the major muscle groups. This shapes and sculpts toned, lean and strong muscles through your body, and revs up your metabolism.




Anyone who wants to break out of their traditional workout routine & shake things up to start seeing real results will love SURFSET Fitness. It’s also a great way for surfers and snowboarders looking to stay conditioned all year round, or to get ready before surfing or snowboarding seasons. People going for recreational surfing or snowboarding trips will also benefit from improved fitness and balance – this helps maximize the time enjoying the sport!

The adjustability of the board and built-in progression of the program makes SURFSET Fitness an awesome class for anyone from the true beginner to the extreme athlete.